Privacy Policy

Thank you for choosing JP Brothers, Inc’s services.

Through this Privacy Policy, we will explain how JP Brothers and partnering companies collect, use, share, and protect information.

1. Information We Collect

a) Information you directly provide us

Your username, password, email address, phone number and name. Your user profile (legal name and photo) are not required.

b) Information you provide us when you use our services

The information that we collect when you access our services enable our range of photo/video recording and communication functionalities, and enable all purposes described below.

Usage Information:

We collect information related to your app usage and the calls that you receive and send through our service, including the following: Filters used when editing/taking videos and photos, front/rear camera, length of video, editing tool used, date and time of call, sender, recipient, frequency of calls, and frequently called contact, and activities such as screenshots during calls.

Content Information:

We do not collect or save any photos or videos that were taken or edited using our services, nor do we collect video or sound information shared with others during calls.

Device Information:

We collect information about your device. This includes hardware model, operating system and version, unique device identifiers including MAC address and IMEI, browser type and language, mobile device phone number, and mobile network connection. We also collect additional device information in the case of crashes or other problems, to properly diagnose the issue. Therefore, if a crash or other problematic event is detected, for the purpose of troubleshooting, we may collect the list of apps on your device or information about your device’s performance at the time of the event.

Device Phonebook:

With your consent, we collect information from your device phonebook to add your friends in a convenient and intuitive way. Your consent can be revoked by changing your contacts permissions in settings.

Camera and Photos:

Our services access your device’s camera and gallery to enable photo/video taking and editing functionalities. With your consent, we access your device’s camera and photos.

Location Information:

We may collect your location information to add geo tags to the photos and videos you take on our services. With your consent, we may collect such information through GPS, wireless network, wifi network, etc. You can revoke your consent or turn off geo tags by changing your location permissions in settings.

Information Collected by Cookies and Other Tracking Technologies:

Like most online services, we use technologies including cookies and web beacons. Cookies are small data files stored in your hard drive or device memory, and they collect information about your use of our services, and it provides us with statistics regarding our users’ usage of our functionalities as well as other statistics. Web beacons are small pieces of software on a webpage or email that help us see your activity. Most web browsers use cookies by default. You may remove or reject browser cookies by changing your settings, but this may partially limit our services.

Analytics Information.

We use third party analytics tools which collect information sent by your device or our services, including the web pages you visit, add-ons, and other information to help us measure traffic and usage trends, ultimately enabling us to improve our services. Information we gather from our analytics tools cannot be used to identify any particular individual and are used for statistical purposes.

2. Information We Collect From Other Sources

If another user allows us to collect information from their device phonebook and you’re in their contacts, we may collect information that way and combine it with the information we have already collected.

3. How We Store your Information

1) Your account information (ex. email address, password, phone number) are encrypted and stored upon registration. We will take reasonable means to make sure your information is not decrypted or accessed.

2) Your log-in information, including your password, are your responsibility to protect. Your access to our services are your responsibility to control and manage at all times. JP Brothers does not have the rights to decrypt your encrypted log-in information.

4. How We Use Information

We use all of the information collected to understand our services’ user usage pattern through analysis of statistics and solve problems through troubleshooting. We examine our services through the information collected to improve our services and add new functionalities. Furthermore, through this information, we provide crucial notices and marketing information that are relevant to our users.

5. How We Share Information

a) Interactions between users

b) Statistics and materials necessary for business partnerships with third party service providers

Your installation and use of this product involves the collection and use of certain data by third parties, according to the terms set forth on the following third-party privacy policy:

Any aspects of this Privacy Policy may be updated, edited or removed at any time, and new policies may be added. In the case of such event, we encourage our users to check for updates to our Privacy Policy.